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CNCmakers Limited - Professional manufacturer and supplier of CNC Retrofit Kits for CNC lathes, milling machines and machining centers.

CNC Retrofit Kits includes: CNC control system, AC servo motor and drivers, AC servo spindle motor and drivers, Frequency inverters, step motor and drivers, 4 station tool posts, NC turrets, external MPG, pendants, other CNC related accessories, etc.

Main products and service:
1-CNC Control kits for retrofitting lathe/milling machine/machining center.
2-CNC Controller for lathe/Turning Machine
3-CNC Controller for Milling Machine/Machining Center
4-CNC Controller for plasma/flame
5-AC servo drive,
6-AC servo motor,
7-Spindle servo motor and driver
8-Frequency inverter/Frequency converter/Vector control/AC drive
9-4, 6, 8 station tool post, NC turret, power turret, tool changer, tool carriage.
10- Retrofitting consultant and CNC tech support.

Turning CNC Controllers including:

Milling CNC Controllers including:

AC Servo Driver including:
GR2030T-LP1 GR2050T-LP1 GR2075T-LP1 GR2100T-LP1
GR2030T-LB1 GR2050T-LB1 GR2075T-LB1 GR2100T-LB1
GR2030T-LA1 GR2050T-LA1 GR2075T-LA1 GR2100T-LA1
GE2030T-LP1 GE2050T-LP1 GE2075T-LP1 GE2100T-LP1
GE2030T-LB1 GE2050T-LB1 GE2075T-LB1 GE2100T-LB1
GE2030T-LA1 GE2050T-LA1 GE2075T-LA1 GE2100T-LA1
GS2025T-LA1 80SJTA-M024C(A4I)
GS2030T-LA1 80SJTA-M024E(A4I)
GS2030T-LA1 80SJTA-M032C(A4I)
GS2045T-LA1 80SJTA-M032E(A4I)
GS2030T-LA1 110SJT-M040D(A4I)
GS2030T-LA1 110SJT-M040E(A4I)
GS2045T-LA1 110SJT-M060D(A4I)
GS2050T-LA1 110SJT-M060E(A4I)
GS2025T-LA1 130SJT-M040D(A4I)
GS2030T-LA1 130SJT-M050D(A4I)
GS2045T-LA1 130SJT-M050E(A4I)
GS2030T-LA1 130SJT-M060D(A4I)
GS2050T-LA1 130SJT-M060E(A4I)
GS2045T-LA1 130SJT-M075D(A4I)
GS2050T-LA1 130SJT-M075E(A4I)
GS2030T-LA1 130SJT-M100B(A4I)
GS2050T-LA1 130SJT-M100D(A4I)
GS2050T-LA1 130SJT-M150B(A4I)
GS2075T-LA1 130SJTE-M150D(A4I)
GS2075T-LA1 175SJT-M120E(A4I)
GS2075T-LA1 175SJT-M150B(A4I)
GS2075T-LA1 175SJT-M150D(A4I)
GS2075T-LA1 175SJT-M180B(A4I)
GS2100T-LA1 175SJT-M180D(A4I)
GS2100T-LA1 175SJT-M220B(A4I)
GS2100T-LA1 175SJT-M220D(A4I)
GS2100T-LA1 175SJT-M300B(A4I)
GS2100T-LA1 175SJT-M300D(A4I)
GS2100T-LA1 175SJT-M380B(A4I)

Option-type table of SJT series servo motors matching
with GS3000T-LA1 series servo drivers.
GS3075T-LA1 175SJT-M380BH(A4I)
GS3148T-LA1 175SJT-M380DH(A4I)
GS3100T-LA1 175SJT-M500BH(A4I)
GS3100T-LA1 175SJT-M500DH(A4I)

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Membership: On ECPlaza since 2009
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Location: Guangdong, China
Product Category: CNC Controller
Main Item / Product: CNC Parts for CNC retrofiting
Keywords: CNC control systems, CNC controllers, CNC systems
Main Target Region: World Wide
Safety / Quality Approvals: ISO9000
Year Established: 2016

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CNCmakers Limited

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No.168, Xiadu Road, Haizhu District
Guangzhou, Guangdong




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